What I honestly think of – Devil may Cry (DmC)

So I finally swallowed my preconceived prejudice for Devil may Cry because they changed Dante into an idiot and a blabbering stereotypical image of an emo punk teen and honestly? It wasn’t that bad.

Now, let’s down some facts here first, I’m a huge fan of Dante and even more so, of Vergil, when I first saw him on Devil May Cry 3 (I played Devil May Cry 3 and 4, just so we’re clear) I just fell in love with the character. He was basically the original Uchiha Sasuke. He had that sense of vengeance, honour and ruthlessness in him and was in general, a complete badass. However, I’m sad to say, that they completely butchered the character in Devil may Cry. A hundred times more so then they butchered Dante, who was surprisingly, not that bad to relate to or for that matter, love. There were quite a few of their so called “witty banter” which basically sounded as if they were one of those #YOLO kids trying too hard to crack jokes. Example? Vergil ends one of the so called “witty banters” by telling Dante that he has a bigger dick. -_-“

While the story wasn’t a huge improvement from the previous games, (I state again, I played Devil May Cry 3 and 4 and I personally thought the plots in both the games were pretty good to be honest!) But you could say it had a different take on it, they talked about how the demons had basically taken over and was controlling the world with debt and soft drinks blah blah… Not that interesting, but it’s passable. I personally wasn’t a fan of the art style of the game, I thought that the previous Devil May Cry titles had better art direction, people have said that the current one looks gritty but I just think it looks just plain bad, the textures look horrible to me, but let’s just say that that’s just me. So the graphics in and of itself, isn’t very appealing to me because the art style looks horrible to me and not because they didn’t try and work on it.

The combat and gameplay is pretty smooth, in some parts, more improved then the previous titles, I will say however that, getting style points in this game is quite easy on normal, I was almost regularly getting the SSS Rank. The lack of a focus aim like the previous DMC titles, is annoying but I can deal with it! All in all, the game isn’t really all that bad, I liked the game and there’s not a lot to complain about; if you ignore the fact that I find the art style horrible. The only thing I Can complain about however is the fact that they completely destroyed the character of Vergil, That’s probably my Only real problem with the game, other than that it’s a pretty good game, nothing exceptional or anything, just pretty good! so if you’re holding out on playing it, Still, go and give it a try, it’s not something you’ll regret putting your time into, Promise!

If I had to rate the game, I’d give it a 7/10



3rd Announcement is out. No Half Life 3!

So, the third announcement by Valve is out and it’s not Half Life 3. I have to say, I’m disappointed, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t. On the other hand however, we did get a very weird little controller instead! This thing looks like something out of the future, and in some ways, also impractical, but that I won’t know till I get a hands on impression myself. 

ImageLet’s start with the design of the controller shall we? My first impression when I saw the controller was kind of like this: 

I have to say, I’m confused as well as quite impressed by the new controller. I don’t think there’s any other controller out there that’s quite like this one. And I would definitely love to get my hands on this thing in order to see how well it performs. Even though Half Life 3 wasn’t announced, this controller more or less makes up for it, because Valve might truly be revolutionizing the console gaming market. Even the Steam Machine announcements didn’t interest me as much as this weird looking controller did. Will the controller be a disappointment though? I very much doubt it since Valve doesn’t really have a history of screwing things up unless I’m forgetting something. But hey, anything can happen! 

Microtransactions and GTA 5?!

Now I know this is a bit late, but I’m sure most of you’ve already heard that GTA 5 online will have microtransactions in it. As in you’ll be able to buy GTA 5 money with your real life money! 

This doesn’t really come as a surprise to me as GTA 5 online will have a persistent world, and it’ll need to maintain it’s servers somehow, right? (Even though the game earned a billion dollars in about 3 days!!) What most people are worried about though, is that, will this change make the game pay to win?! This is an on going discussion at the moment over the internetz since players have complained that earning cash in GTA 5 is increasingly difficult then the previous GTA games and that Rockstar might have made these changes in order to rope in some more cash while they’re at it. But, I’ll go ahead and give you my direct opinion, I sincerely doubt it! 

First of all, the guns and cars and all the upgrades related to said equipment are relatively cheap, you certainly won’t require a million dollars to upgrade your choice of weapon or vehicle unless you’re planning on robbing a bank with an passenger jet and a power armour! So, it’s safe to say that you won’t fall behind on actual progression or competitive gameplay.

From my experience of the game so far, it seems like that you need the excessive amount of money to buy yourself luxury items (Like that 1 million dollar car!) that you probably won’t use and will occupy useless space till you decide to throw it away, just like in real life! Good examples would be mansions or boats or I don’t know… the Titanic?! 
(Look, I haven’t even completed the game yet so I barely know everything there is to know about GTA 5, who knows, there might be a Titanic and you just don’t know about it yet!)

Whatever the case, it’s safe to assume that you can easily compete with others even if you don’t buy GTA cash from Rockstar, because at the end of the day, you have a thing called the Stock Market inside the game, and if you’re smart enough, you can easily earn millions from that! Over on top of that, Rockstar has also stated that it’ll be easy for you to earn cash online compared to earning cash in the single player story mode for Grand Theft Auto 5!
This is the original statement from Rockstar which I’m referring to, “the economy is balanced differently from the single player economy, and cash earned in one cannot be taken over to the other. Most players will earn cash much faster Online than in Story Mode.” 

GTA 5 PC Coming earlier than expected?

Seems like my predictions of an earlier PC release for GTA 5 might have been correct after all!
(MIGHT! Still not 100% sure. So read on with a truckload of salt.)

Time to bring you guys into the loop! Now; I’ve always told everyone I know that Rockstar probably won’t be making the same mistake as GTA 4, where the game released on PC 6 months after it’s console release, which obviously as we’ve observed, wasn’t the best of decisions. 

And recently I posted an article where I mentioned a rumoured GTA 5 PC release date, i.e. November 22nd along with a few screenshots of GTA 5 running on PC posted by a dude named Devbuild on Reddit who claimed to be a beta tester for Rockstar.
While most say that the screenshots are fake, the rumoured PC release date, seems to be more accurate than everyone previously thought! Why?! Because two online retail stores: Gameseek and Zavvi, have now also leaked release dates for GTA 5 on PC!!! 
While the former lists a release date for November 22, 2013, while the latter has it coming out on December 6, 2013.

It’s also worth noting that both the German and France sides of Amazon also list GTA 5 for PC, though they refrain from mentioning a release date.

Want even More confirmation on why I think a PC port is definitely on it’s way?! Well read on –
Reddit user Hal_Nein_Thousand is responsible for leaking the GTA V PC references from the PlayStation 3 build of the game. The site also has a line-by-line breakdown of the relevant bits of code, which seem to confirm that GTA V PC will ship with support for 64-bit memory, DirectX 11, 2K textures and more. 

Assuming the rumours are true though, those thinking about picking up a copy of the GTA V PC port (if/when it launches) may very well need to make upgrade a few components in their gaming rigs, depending on how modern your machine may/may not be. Previously, it’s been suggested that a hypothetical GTA V PC port would likely have system requirements similar to those of Max Payne 3, which doesn’t necessarily require a top-of-the-line machine, but does require a bit of power to run with all of the various graphical settings maxed out.

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PS4 Exclusive Deep Down is Free to Play?

It’s been recently confirmed by Capcom during the Tokyo Games Show that the Sony Playstation 4 exclusive, online multiplayer dungeon crawler, Deep Down, will be free to play.

Honestly, this is a very surprising and I-don’t-know-what-to-feel feeling. Usually when people hear that a game is Free to Play, their initial reaction will be that it’s lower quality in general compared to a game you buy and hence, they won’t play it. Now I personally don’t believe that since I’ve seen several Free to Play games that are just plain amazing. But what’s surprising here, is that Deep Down probably has the best graphics I’ve seen in quite a while and the game play doesn’t look all that bad as well, it almost feels like a Triple A 60$ title already.

Now, I was expecting Deep Down to be one hell of an amazing game right after I realized i wasn’t watching a CGI footage at E3 but actual Gameplay footage, which basically blew my mind! What I’m concerned with now however, is that, will we get a lesser experience than what we would have gotten if it was a one time 60$ payment Title rather than a free to play title that might charge you ever so often to progress? Not because Free to play games aren’t polished enough, but rather because, Free to Play monetization system can really suck most of the times, and if the Game has a bad F2P model, such as a Pay To Win model, it would completely suck.

Though. considering Sony is overlooking this, (Sincerely hope Sony is over looking this) I doubt that’ll be the case, but I’ll still lower my expectations a little bit now just in case.
It’s definitely a good news for everyone who might not have had the money to buy the game if it was a 60$ Title though! Heck, I am getting free games, so I guess I can’t complain, if I’m to be honest! The question at the end of the day is:

Will a great game be destroyed by it’s monetization model, What do you think?


Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Release date leaked?

We advice our readers to take this with a HUGE planetsized grain of salt.

Reddit user Devbuild has released some photos of an alleged GTA V running on his personal computer. The account claims that the game is currently in beta, but will be eventually released for PCs on November 22.

The user claims to be a Rockstar Toronto beta tester who just received dev build of GTA V PC version. As proof, DevBuild also shared few screenshots (of GTA V PC version) on Reddit.

In addition to screens, DevBuild also revealed some details regarding stats of GTA V PC port, “30/60 fps lock(swap) lock 1280×720 (1920×1080 with black bars like LA NOIRE) Middle graphics lock Good optimization (GTX 550 50~60fps)”

When some Reddit users Asked DevBuild to give some proof for verification that he indeed works for Rockstar Games Toronto, there wasn’t any further replies.

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GTA 5 / Watch Dogs.

More and more rumours and evidence alike points to a PC release, and even exclusive PC content for Grand Theft Auto 5. I know it’s wishful thinking but if they announce a PC version on 1st of October, when GTA online goes live, I’ll be stoked! 
But I guess I shouldn’t rely on wishful thinking! So I’m just going to wait for Watch Dogs and hope that it’s an equally good game if not far better than GTA 5! 

Ubisoft has never really let me down, I’ve always loved them and none of their games ever seriously disappointed me. I mean, all of their recent games were definitely above average if nothing else and with amazing games coming from the same studio such as Child of Light, Valiant Hearts: The Great War and ofcourse the last but definitely not the least, Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag. 

Ubisoft definitely has an amazing line up ahead of them but I really want to quench my thirst for GTA 5 and since their PC release isn’t anywhere near in sight and probably won’t be anytime soon, my hope is on Watch Dogs to be an equally good open world game and atleast replace, if not surpass GTA 5 (Which is kind of Wishful thinking since GTA 5 has set the bars amazingly high!) But hey, one can hope right? And to be honest, I don’t expect AC4 to blow me away, I’m a fan of the series and I don’t think there’s anything in the game that is just making me beg to play it. It’ll definitely be a good game no doubt, but exceptional like GTA 5? Nah, I don’t think so, I’ll give that benefit of my doubt to Watch Dogs as I’ve stated previously!