GTA 5 Online not working? I’m SO surprised!

Grand Theft Auto 5 has grossed over $800 Million Dollars on the first day and over $1 Billion Dollars within the first 3 days. This game is the fastest game sold ever. With so much hype in the air for GTA 5, it feels like that it’s basically on the verge of making a gaming revolution, so considering all of the things I’ve said along with the fact that there has yet to be a good online game that had a perfect launch day; was it really a surprise that GTA Online wouldn’t work properly on launch day? Or launch week for that matter, which is what I’m predicting anyway.

I’ve seen people saying that this shouldn’t have happened because they pushed the online game release for over a week after the original game launched. Now there’s only so much a company can do within a week, I don’t think even Rockstar themselves realized how much of a big fan following they created for GTA 5 even before the game launched, because the record breaking sales is a huge leap when compared to the previous record holders!

If you want my advice, stop whining if you can’t get into GTA Online, try logging in from the 3rd day if you want a good experience because the first few days will be as broken as hell, like it’s been on the first day, which I’m sure every single one of you noticed. Plus The single player still has a lot of content to be found I’m sure, so just go ahead and play around with Trevor for sometime more.


2 responses to “GTA 5 Online not working? I’m SO surprised!

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