Random #3…… Sigh

So as most of you already know, I love gaming, And lately I’ve been trying to come up with this website that’s dedicated to gaming and anime (because I love anime too) and ugh…. I’m having such a hard time >_<

It’s so god damn hard to find actual people who love gaming. Not hardcore gamers or casuals, just people who love gaming as a whole and love to talk about video games. Or anime for that matter! Wish there were more people like that =( I feel like an outcast in this world full of people who love everything except the things I love! It would be so fun and wonderful to find someone who’s like me and loves to talk about video games. lol makes me giddy even thinking about it haha. Sigh, one can always wish I suppose. Though there’s no denying it, life would have been a lot better if I grew up with and/or had a close friend who loved to talk about video games. Good friends are hard to find anyways to begin with, so considering that, I guess I should be happy for the fact that I have any to begin with. >_<“


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