Blog Update? and BLIZZCON!

This will be a blog update I suppose.

So I haven’t been really writing much since I’ve been now writing officially over at (Yes! It’s happening!!!) Yey! And things are still pretty much in their baby stages and it needs lots of nurturing. So I guess i’m super busy with that for now! 
We seem to be getting good response :3 


Ahem… So, World of Warcraft seems like it’ll turn into a whole different ball game when Warlords of Draenor, i.e. it’s next expansion, comes out! 
It seems like Blizzard is desperate to up their game and resurrect a game that was slowly fading away. Most people would argue that world of warcraft is still alive and well with 7.5 million subscribers still! But I’d differ. Till now, I was quite sure that World of Warcraft’s glory days were behind it and now it was destined to fade of slowly and disappear graciously… but nope! Seems like Blizzard’s taking their gloves off and bringing in their A game all over again. This Blizzcon will be one to be remembered in WoW history since Blizzard seems determined to make the next expansion, the best expansion ever! They’re throwing everything out the window and restructuring the game from the ground up!
Or so it seems anyway
(I like to exaggerate.) 

And them updated character models *-*

I just cannot stress how excited I am about the new player housing system. If they can make the whole garrison feel alive, with different interactions going on between followers, holy crap! That’ll be like the best thing ever. 

And it’s easy to assume that after the popularity of the Timeless Isles, dynamic events will be quite common in the coming expansion and that’s a very good thing since it just adds more to the immersion. 
I’d love it if they revamped their base UI for the next expansion and make it more minimalistic, so that people feel more immersed into the game. I say this because the current UI (even without any mods!) is full of numbers and things that just pull you out of immersion.

And let’s not forget the Garrison! It’s amazing! I think i already mentioned that a few times now… oh well! 

I’ll try and keep this blog updated, but no promises. 
However, do check out ASidCast if you’re interested in Anime and/or Gaming and just support us… that’d be nice! We make sure things are always updated! Right now, we’re about to get our first indie review copies to you know… review! So it’s pretty exciting at the moment. :3 

Anyway, I’ll stop talking now,


Random #3…… Sigh

So as most of you already know, I love gaming, And lately I’ve been trying to come up with this website that’s dedicated to gaming and anime (because I love anime too) and ugh…. I’m having such a hard time >_<

It’s so god damn hard to find actual people who love gaming. Not hardcore gamers or casuals, just people who love gaming as a whole and love to talk about video games. Or anime for that matter! Wish there were more people like that =( I feel like an outcast in this world full of people who love everything except the things I love! It would be so fun and wonderful to find someone who’s like me and loves to talk about video games. lol makes me giddy even thinking about it haha. Sigh, one can always wish I suppose. Though there’s no denying it, life would have been a lot better if I grew up with and/or had a close friend who loved to talk about video games. Good friends are hard to find anyways to begin with, so considering that, I guess I should be happy for the fact that I have any to begin with. >_<“

Random #2

So I was explaining about how and why a PC is better than a console when it comes to being a hardcore gamer, and someone just commented “Console master race”
Are you fucking kidding me? 12 year old kids -_-“
Everyone knows It’s PC Master Race!! Ffs do you even lft fggt>? 

On a more serious note, I’d love to see anyone who says “Console Master Race” Make a video game like Grand Theft Auto or any other Triple A title over the Xbox 360 or Ps3 or the next gen consoles rather than making it over on the PC. xD

Random #1… Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag.

So I’m planning on pre-ordering AC4: Black Flag. Mostly because I’m a fanboy of the series and I am biased towards the game, I just love it too much! 
The hype however, seems to be getting bigger and bigger about this game, and I sincerely think that this might be the assassin who can not only succeed Ezio, but also surpass him in popularity and badassery! And it’s just making me SOO more eager to play the game…. ugh… Wish late November could come sooner >_<“


Talking about the Assassins Creed franchise reminds me about stuff I’d definitely like to see in it’s upcoming games.
I would love to see our assassins avatars wear different parts of clothes rather than wearing entire sets which can’t be modified in any way other than colour and also the hat should be a cosmetic item that we can take off whenever we feel like, like a let’s say… “Press H to put your hood down/up” button. I would definitely want to see something like that since it’ll grant players their own unique identity while playing the game. even though everyone would be playing the same character at the end of the day. 

[Random] Lake Natron : Calcified Animals

Holy crap!!! So I got to know about this lake in Tanzania called Lake Natron, where conditions are so extreme that animals who enter the lake get calcified! According to the internet, the lake’s temperature can get as high 60 °C (140 °F) and it has an alkaline pH that varies between 9.0-10.5.

Found these set of pictures related to this event really cool, like something out of a dark movie.
So I thought I’d share =)
And yes the animals are alive!