What I honestly think of – Devil may Cry (DmC)

So I finally swallowed my preconceived prejudice for Devil may Cry because they changed Dante into an idiot and a blabbering stereotypical image of an emo punk teen and honestly? It wasn’t that bad.

Now, let’s down some facts here first, I’m a huge fan of Dante and even more so, of Vergil, when I first saw him on Devil May Cry 3 (I played Devil May Cry 3 and 4, just so we’re clear) I just fell in love with the character. He was basically the original Uchiha Sasuke. He had that sense of vengeance, honour and ruthlessness in him and was in general, a complete badass. However, I’m sad to say, that they completely butchered the character in Devil may Cry. A hundred times more so then they butchered Dante, who was surprisingly, not that bad to relate to or for that matter, love. There were quite a few of their so called “witty banter” which basically sounded as if they were one of those #YOLO kids trying too hard to crack jokes. Example? Vergil ends one of the so called “witty banters” by telling Dante that he has a bigger dick. -_-“

While the story wasn’t a huge improvement from the previous games, (I state again, I played Devil May Cry 3 and 4 and I personally thought the plots in both the games were pretty good to be honest!) But you could say it had a different take on it, they talked about how the demons had basically taken over and was controlling the world with debt and soft drinks blah blah… Not that interesting, but it’s passable. I personally wasn’t a fan of the art style of the game, I thought that the previous Devil May Cry titles had better art direction, people have said that the current one looks gritty but I just think it looks just plain bad, the textures look horrible to me, but let’s just say that that’s just me. So the graphics in and of itself, isn’t very appealing to me because the art style looks horrible to me and not because they didn’t try and work on it.

The combat and gameplay is pretty smooth, in some parts, more improved then the previous titles, I will say however that, getting style points in this game is quite easy on normal, I was almost regularly getting the SSS Rank. The lack of a focus aim like the previous DMC titles, is annoying but I can deal with it! All in all, the game isn’t really all that bad, I liked the game and there’s not a lot to complain about; if you ignore the fact that I find the art style horrible. The only thing I Can complain about however is the fact that they completely destroyed the character of Vergil, That’s probably my Only real problem with the game, other than that it’s a pretty good game, nothing exceptional or anything, just pretty good! so if you’re holding out on playing it, Still, go and give it a try, it’s not something you’ll regret putting your time into, Promise!

If I had to rate the game, I’d give it a 7/10