Battlefield 4 Beta

I got into Battlefield 4 Beta. I will definitely be checking the game out and writing down what I think about the game. Not usually into FPS games all that much, but battlefield 4’s maps look dynamic as hell. Definitely a very fun game from the looks of it, my hands on experience might tell me otherwise but I sure as hell hope they don’t. Really want the game to succeed in order to see improvement in how maps work in the upcoming “Next Gen” cycle of gaming, not just in FPS games, but rather in games of every genre! (EverQuest Next is also another game that’s making their map very dynamic indeed) 

One of the main things I’m hoping to find in Next Gen gaming, is that developers pay more attention to maps, the tiny details inside of and leave small easter eggs here and there just for fun, and most of all, just make the environments that are presented in game, more alive and/or immersive!