Random #1… Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag.

So I’m planning on pre-ordering AC4: Black Flag. Mostly because I’m a fanboy of the series and I am biased towards the game, I just love it too much! 
The hype however, seems to be getting bigger and bigger about this game, and I sincerely think that this might be the assassin who can not only succeed Ezio, but also surpass him in popularity and badassery! And it’s just making me SOO more eager to play the game…. ugh… Wish late November could come sooner >_<“


Talking about the Assassins Creed franchise reminds me about stuff I’d definitely like to see in it’s upcoming games.
I would love to see our assassins avatars wear different parts of clothes rather than wearing entire sets which can’t be modified in any way other than colour and also the hat should be a cosmetic item that we can take off whenever we feel like, like a let’s say… “Press H to put your hood down/up” button. I would definitely want to see something like that since it’ll grant players their own unique identity while playing the game. even though everyone would be playing the same character at the end of the day. 


The Order: 1886 [PS4 Exclusive]

So I’m quite interested in a PS4 exclusive game that’s about to come out in the upcoming future, I don’t know if you’ve heard of the game but it’s called The Order: 1886. And from what I could tell from the teaser trailer, it was about warewolves VS humans with a steam-punk-esq fantasy theme going on in the background. This intrigued me quite a lot since I’m interested in all these topics that they’re blending in together into one game and so I’ve been keeping and eye on it and recently, some new information has been posted which excites me even more (I’m a huge fan of the French revolution period)

The following has been taken from IGN’s recent article about The Order: 1886

“The Order: 1886 touches into real history, and twists it a bit. The third character introduced is none other than Marquis de Lafayette, as in, the real Marquis de Lafayette, the man who proved vital in both the American Revolution and the French Revolution. He’s still alive and kicking as of 1886, as is Sebastian Malory, titled Sir Percival, who is a relative of Thomas Malory, the famed British author.”

My initial reaction after reading this:
“So Lafayette is in this game? Holy shit! That’s so awesome *-*”

And that reaction is still lingering and I’m sure it’ll be there by the time this game is released. This is definitely one of those games I’m looking forward to playing when it releases, the concept seems too epic to miss out on. Hopefully, it turns out to be an amazing game and in turn, an amazing experience =)

PS4 Exclusive Deep Down is Free to Play?

It’s been recently confirmed by Capcom during the Tokyo Games Show that the Sony Playstation 4 exclusive, online multiplayer dungeon crawler, Deep Down, will be free to play.

Honestly, this is a very surprising and I-don’t-know-what-to-feel feeling. Usually when people hear that a game is Free to Play, their initial reaction will be that it’s lower quality in general compared to a game you buy and hence, they won’t play it. Now I personally don’t believe that since I’ve seen several Free to Play games that are just plain amazing. But what’s surprising here, is that Deep Down probably has the best graphics I’ve seen in quite a while and the game play doesn’t look all that bad as well, it almost feels like a Triple A 60$ title already.

Now, I was expecting Deep Down to be one hell of an amazing game right after I realized i wasn’t watching a CGI footage at E3 but actual Gameplay footage, which basically blew my mind! What I’m concerned with now however, is that, will we get a lesser experience than what we would have gotten if it was a one time 60$ payment Title rather than a free to play title that might charge you ever so often to progress? Not because Free to play games aren’t polished enough, but rather because, Free to Play monetization system can really suck most of the times, and if the Game has a bad F2P model, such as a Pay To Win model, it would completely suck.

Though. considering Sony is overlooking this, (Sincerely hope Sony is over looking this) I doubt that’ll be the case, but I’ll still lower my expectations a little bit now just in case.
It’s definitely a good news for everyone who might not have had the money to buy the game if it was a 60$ Title though! Heck, I am getting free games, so I guess I can’t complain, if I’m to be honest! The question at the end of the day is:

Will a great game be destroyed by it’s monetization model, What do you think?